Monday, February 27, 2012

DSM3 IAMM field trip

1.What is the initial statement of IAMM (mission)?
To give audience more get more understanding about islamic art.

2. The audience of IAMM will benefit from / fulfill needs by:
The audience of IAMM will gain the knowledge of how the islamic came from, the history of islamic art, from the older century how they make a unique item by islamic and also the way they communication style.

3. Emotional reaction considerations
The feeling of the museum quite good, clean and silent will make audience focus on visiting the art. But for me, the beginning of the journey will get me exited to understand the history, but when i read through the history on the board in the half way, i get more and more sleepy, it because of the text on the board is too many, if it has a interface design on the information part will be perfect.

4. Which part of the culture / lifestyle / practice makes you curious the most? Why?
I do curios about the china mix with muslim and i also curios about how does the islamic art came to china. Even know china islamic art they have there own calligraphic design, jewellery and also mosque as well.

5. Can you find something (object/coversation/image/incident) from this trip that represents the impression you have towards Islamic Art?
Through out the field trip, the chinese mosque is the most impress me, they using there own style of tradition china mix again with islamic art.

6. If you were to continue finding out more about Islamic Art, list out 3 questions you would like to ask.

Question 1:
When the islamic art going to mix with china?

Question 2:
how the china recognize the traditional islamic calligraphy and mix with chinese style?

Question 3:
why do the china need islamic art when they have own culture?

Question 4:
why the china mosque can be difference from other islamic mosque?

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